Process Manufacturing

Sound manufacturing techniques, smart raw material management, and skilled labor allows Leaktite to be competitive in the many markets we serve.

Our metal forming, injection molding and thermoforming equipment has kept pace with the changing technology of plastics manufacturing in order to provide the benefits of the latest in manufacturing techniques to it’s customers.

Our 400 ton to 1100 ton injection molding presses keep Leaktite competitive by minimizing cycle times and providing a cost effective manufacturing platform for larger items such as our five gallon bucket.

Our experience in metal forming pails, since 1945, means that our metal products are among the best quality produced in the world. Subtle design and manufacturing advancements in our basic line of metal pails have proved to increase customer satisfaction and durability of the products over the years.

Our in-line thermoforming machinery is capable of running various gauges of materials to suit the many applications of our product line. As with injection molding, die, mold design and construction are critical to quality products. Leaktite’s control procedures over the construction and maintenance of it's dies and molds assure for the manufacture of the highest quality products time after time.

Leaktite implements quality assurance programs consistent with both specific customer requirements and industry standards that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Leaktite strictly adheres to OSHA regulations within our manufacturing facilities to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.